Reframed: Disability Aesthetics and Institutional Change in the Visual Arts

Reframed: Disability Aesthetics and Institutional Change in the Visual Arts


Join the British Council and Disability Arts Online for an online panel discussion about disability in the visual arts featuring artists, curators and arts professionals from across the world. They will explore several key questions including: What are the key challenges and opportunities at this moment? What are the similarities and differences

Queering the Crip, Cripping the Queer

Case Study

Queering the Crip, Cripping the Queer is an exhibition on queer/disability history, activism, and culture at the Scwules Museum, Berlin. It brings together work by over 20 international contemporary artists whose work explores the multiple historical, cultural, and political intersections of queerness and disability. Disability Arts International spoke to one

Film: Making the Leap: Dancer to Choreographer

Film Are you a dancer wanting to develop your own choreographic practice? In this short film, we speak to disabled artists during a Europe Beyond Access laboratory that specifically focused on developing new choreographic skills and approaches. Many of the artists have experience as performers but are now interested in building


Diana Niepce. Photo: Eduardo Breda Accessibility: wheelchair accessible audio description tactile guidance hearing amplification through an induction loop About the show In O OUTRO LADO DA DANÇA, Portuguese choreographer and dancer Diana Niepce examines hierarchies that structure the body. She asks what traces and images the history of dance has left in the mental archives. Which movements, which

Europe Beyond Access introduces… Demy Papathanasiou (Greece)

Film Demy Papathanasiou worked for many years as a mechanical engineer. In her forties, she began to train in dance. She is now an esteemed choreographer and led our most recent Europe Beyond Access artist laboratory. Her work has deconstructed meanings of the ‘crutch’ and what it can mean to different


In his new work, Turinsky creates a utopia of the human against the narrative of the Anthropocene based on his own experiences related to disability. SOILED opens an imaginative space that does not deny a presence of horror and yet preserves the deliquescent images of the past in the emerging

Europe Beyond Access introduces… Laila White (Spain)

Film Laila White is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Tindouf, Algeria and is now based in Spain. As a contemporary dancer, choreographer, photographer and artist, she has collaborated on projects with international artists including Neus Canalias (Girona), Taiat Dansa (Valencia), Cie BewegGrund & Alessandro Schiattarella (Switzerland), Antonio Quiles (Seville),

Europe Beyond Access introduces Sophia Neises (Germany)

Film How do you create dance that is brilliant for non-sighted audiences. Not just accessible, but the best that it can be? We meet choreographer and dramaturg Sophia Neises and learn more about her unique creative practice. Sophia Neises is a choreographer, dramaturg, performer and theatre educator from Germany. In 2019, as

Europe Beyond Access introduces… Tatiana Cholewa (Poland)

Film This is our new short film introducing dancer Tatiana Cholewa and her creative practice. She has taken part in many projects organised and supported by Europe Beyond Access, including an international artistic laboratory in Maastricht with Holland Dance Festival, laboratories with Marc Brew in Bytom and with the Institute of

Beyond Signs


For equal access, professionalisation and engagement of native signer artists for mixed audiences Beyond Signs is a two-year project (2020-2022) intending to improve the social integration of deaf people through artistic cooperation, by involving them actively in the performing arts sector, from the creation to the staging, collaborating and touring in